Monday, 18 April 2011

My first scrapbook page!

Page No 1: Daniel's First Day
Back in January this year was my first introduction to the scary world of scrappers! They come with their own language and it's one I've yet to master. I went along, with my daughter, to Cosham Scrapbook Club's monthly meet. On the way, we did wonder whether we'd last from 10am to 4pm, thinking we'd run out of things to do.

We couldn't have been more wrong! We got a great welcome and tour of all the gadgetry around the room. We could help ourselves to coffee in the adjoining kitchen . . . the coffee didn't get made until lunchtime! As soon as we started, it was heads down and into a state of utter absorption of the task in hand.

I say I was absorbed, but for the first 1.5 hours I was busy shuffling photos and bits of paper around my workspace, completely lost as to where to start. My daughter said it was like being faced with a blank canvas, but to me, I find canvases quite straightforward - I know what it is I'm going to paint. For my first page, though, I didn't have a clear focus. I'd brought along some papers and bits and bobs I'd bought in TKMaxx (special offer after Christmas!) and a pile of photos.  The pile of photos was probably a mistake; the choice was simply too great. First learning point then - decide on a theme and only take photos related to that theme.

Eventually, by about 2.30pm, I'd done my first page. I calculated that it would probably take the rest of my life to sort my backlog of photos into scrapbooks at this sort of tardy pace.  My aim for next time is to speed up just a tad!

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  1. hi Martina, added you to my blogcandy draw, congratulations on starting your own blog, what a gorgeous layout you have made, I'd never guess you were new to scrapbooking. I am your first followere, look forward to seeing your next layout. i have one layout on my blog called Fizzy coffee, Fi x